Simple Logbook Simple
 Installation of release 0.4.0

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 Step 1: extract files Index ] 

From and, extract files into a sub-directory in your Web server document root directory.

Example: /var/www/logbook.

 Step 2: basic configuration Index ] 

Change value of $SDRPATH variable in the mainconf.php file. New value should be a path which is not in the Web's pubblic space.

Example: change from $SDRPATH='..' to $SDRPATH='/var/slbdata'.

Create docs sub-directory in $SDRPATH.

Example: create /var/slbdata/docs.

Create database using simple.sql and silogbook.sql file. The first time the user admin, password admin, with administration privilege is also created.

Open setup.php page using a Web browser. Run the following script: en/setup.php.

Example: open http://localhost/logbook/en/setup.php.

From setup.php page click on edit and change database access information.

For security reason, once you get a successful database access, remove all setup.php files.

 Step 3: link start page Index ] 

Create a link in your HTML pages to the following file: en/user.php.