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Simple Logbook is a Web-based electronic logbook. It features attachments, custom forms, users and groups management, reports and search facilities. Good for shift logbooks or workgroup logbooks. It uses PHP and MySQL and it is a simplified version of a Logbook application I wrote using Delphi and InterBase. Compared to the Delphi application SiLogbook has two main advantages: 1 - it is more user friendly; 2 - it doesn't require any specific application installation at client side.

It is based on SimpleLibs from SiDocRe project.

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If you are browsing this page from, you can access SiLogbook demo clicking on the link below (you will be automatically logged in as demo user and with administration privileges). If you are browsing this page after a new installation, you can access SiLogbook using the link below.


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This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.

You can use and copy SiLogbook as much as you like. If you distribute a modified version of SiLogbook, you are encouraged to send the maintainer a copy, including the source code.

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The software and the accompanying files are distributed "as is" and is without any warranties whatsoever whether expressed or implied. No warranty as to performance, security, reliability, merchantability, or fitness for any specific purpose is granted. You use and copy SiLogbook at your own risk.

 Requirements Index ] 

SiDocRe requires a Web server (I used and tested Apache 1.3.22), PHP (4.3.0, installed as Apache module) and MySQL (3.23.49) at server side, a Web browser (I used and tested IE 6 and Mozilla 1.0) at client side.

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Version 0.4.x
Notes First release.
Authors Pierluigi Pretara

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If you have found a bug, have ideas to improve the program or have any question, feel free to write an email to me:

Pierluigi Pretara (

English version by Pierluigi Pretara (

 Installation Index ] 

Installation of release 0.4.0

Multiple installation on the same Web server

 Configuration Index ] 

Work in progress

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Work in progress

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Work in progress

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